Sabtu, 19 April 2014

(Not) Red Riding Hood

hola! how's life?

I'm sure that this month is a super-duper-busy-part-of-life. well, I'm in an orientation lecture-month now. we usually called 'ospek' here, but I don't know the perfect term to called it in english. it's not a hazing, it's more like a training.

let's get out of that topic. here, I'll give you my promise about showing my lovely sweater from Rown.
I usually buy T-shirt there, and it's my first time for buying sweater. last time, I went to Rown at Kickfest event. you can read my previous post about Kickfest here. I already bought 2 T-shirts, but accidentally I saw this sweater. I don't know it's boy sweater or unisex, but I love it! well...I just paid it and brought it home.

I took these pictures when I had my holiday last year. I just went around with Fandhi and stopped at random places. all these photos is taken by Fandhi.

hijab+scarf: gift, glasses: rayban, sweater: rown, watch: Messori, shoes: unbranded

I can't go home even it's holiday. I still have things to do here. have a great holiday fellas! adios! 

wait a minute!!! akhir-akhir ini saya tiba-tiba diingatkan kembali dengan masa-masa SMA sebelum ujian. beberapa orang mulai mengeluh tentang ujian, kuliah, dan sebagainya. saya akan menulis tentang alasan saya memilih untuk berkuliah, dan berkuliah di jurusan yang saya pilih, mungkin di postingan selanjutnya, atau dua postingan setelah ini. just saying. ok, just that! gracias!

AiDentist | review

buenos dias everyone! I got a really busy month because of all these college things. well, I'll make it simple...

remember my last post about "dental equipment online store"? it's still about AiDentist!!!! 
just go directly to the website and register for an account. you'll get a periodic update information. they usually has great deals and special offers. By creating an account, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. just remind you that AiDentist has so many dental instruments, such as Handpiece, Curing Light, Ultrasonic Scaler, Micro Motor, and many more.

go now!